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Italy offers a wide variety of cultural and historical attractions. There’s a well-worn path to some of the country’s most popular areas, such as Florence, Venice, and Rome. However, if you’re looking for something different, try exploring some overlooked regions.

There are many hidden gems in Italy that will allow you to experience its rich history and culture. From exploring the southern coastal towns to learning more about Italian history, these are some of the best places to visit in the country.

Lake Orta

Situated close to the Swiss border, Lake Orta is a beautiful lake in the Alps foothills. This region is known for its historic town of Orta San Giulio, which features medieval and Baroque architecture. Other highlights of this area include Lake Orta’s sparkling waters and the surrounding forest.


Despite being one of the least visited areas in the region, the city of Treviso is full of Italian charm. This place is known for its beautiful canals and narrow streets. You can spend a few days exploring its various attractions, such as its medieval city walls and Venetian waterway. If you’re craving aperitivo, this area is a great choice.


One of the best-hidden places in Italy is the medieval town of Gubbio. This area is known for its beautiful medieval architecture. It’s also a maze of stone buildings and cobbled streets that leads to the summit of Monte Ingino. One of the most exciting things about this area is the remains of Sant’Ubaldo, who has been resting here for over a thousand years.

Porto Ercole

Located in the Argentario Promontory of Tuscany, Porto Ercole is a small seaside town known for its fishing village and resort. This area is also known for its beautiful Spanish fortress. The port here has historical significance due to the presence of various relics, such as Roman, Byzantine, and medieval art. It’s believed that the artist Carravaggio lived in the village during the 17th century.


The city of Maratea is located in the Basilicata region and is known for its magnificent views of the Gulf of Policastro and the Tyrrhenian Sea. This area’s most famous statue is the Christ the Redeemer, over 70 feet tall and stands on a platform over 2,000 feet high. Other highlights of this area include its 44 historic churches and the beautiful beaches of Maratea.