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Typically when one imagines traveling the world, we picture jetting off with family, friends or in love. Reality means there often isn’t a perfect time or circumstance to travel. Scheduling conflicts, budget constraints and disagreements over destinations and activities all make solo travel an appealing option.

Solo travel comes with benefits… choosing destinations and activities you want on your own schedule. Traveling alone leaves you more open to meeting new people along the way. It also allows for true relaxation and spiritual connection.

Here are some destinations on my solo bucket list –

Naples, Florida

“Palm Beach of the Midwest” as one Chicago friend affectionately calls Naples. Situated along Florida’s Gulf coast, Naples offers an array of activities for solo travelers without the more “scenie” drawbacks of Miami. World-class shopping, 5-star resorts and stunning white sand beaches make this an appealing, easily accessible winter getaway. Naples is a trip I’ve considered starting with family, since it’s great for kids and offers abundant golfing for my parents, then breaking away for a few days of solo R&R.

Redding, California

For an “off the grid” getaway still close to home, consider Redding, California. The area offers a variety of natural wonders and abundant lodging at all price points. I’ve looked at hiking/road trips to Shasta-Trinity National Forest, the Lassen Volcanic National Park, or the Six Rivers National Forest.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is a fairytale come to life. It’s stunning, highly accessible, and perfect for solo travelers. There is much to do in Stockholm including bike rides, museum tours, exploring a vibrant restaurant scene and appreciating the latest in Swedish design. I had an unexpected flight detour through Stockholm and its friendliness and beauty were on full display. I vowed to return with more time, ideally in summer.

Ubud, Indonesia

For an exotic spiritual getaway, consider Ubud, Indonesia. Ubud is located in the uplands of Bali with an idyllic landscape dotted with Hindu temples and shrines. There are many health retreats within and around Ubud. It’s a top destination each year for solo travelers and has long been on my radar. A place you can be alone – without being alone.